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Things are going well with my new position. The only thing I miss from WF are the people, and how well I got along with every one. I just haven’t had enough time to get to know people from my new position, but tech people have always been, let’s say, hermits. Oh well, I’ve known that one forever.

I’ve been getting some good work done, but I’ll be able to get more done once I really understand how the sites are setup. My job title is Web Developer, which means I am responsible for the look and layout of the TechTracker websites. This includes making sure my XHTML/CSS is valid, works on the various browsers, and keeps the file size and render-time of the websites low. Once the important issues have been dealt with I can begin improving existing features and making sure the sites are as accessible as possible.

My main focus for VersionTracker is speeding it up. It’s known for being a tad slow, which is bad for business. According to Alexa VT is ranked 2,395 among websites which is excellent (MacFixIt is 19,568, is 258,146) Right there on the Alexa page it says “Very Slow” which we’re going to change.

I’ve already done some work on each of those sites except for the last one. I knew before I even applied for this position that getting to work with XHTML, CSS, and web standards as a full-time job would be fun, but I never thought it would be this fun. I no longer am wasting time when I play around with new web-based technology, I’m doing work.

Not only am I working with a subject that I love learning about, but I’m also spending less time looking up programming stuff for personal reasons. Stuff that I learn at home applies at work and vice-versa. It’s nice to know the field before beginning a new position, so that I’m only the new guy in the sense that I was the one most recently hired. All they had to do was show the me the code repository and how they wanted me to test/deploy it and I was good to go. I’m also thankful for my knowledge of Javascript and PHP, as both have already come in handy. I’ve already assisted a colleage with javascript issues.

I spent almost eight years learning everything myself, I only took a few computer classes and none really dealt with Internet stuff. I never knew anyone who could help me when I faced a problem, so I had to learn to solve it myself. I know how to use tools, debug, google, test, and simply investigate. For so long it was simply the only way and now it’s become a bonus.

Update: was briefly mentioned in the WSJ.

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