Sharing a Snippets Library through Dropbox

I’ve been using the Mac application Snippets and it’s been getting better with each new release. One essential feature that’s still missing is any support for syncing a library through a service other than MobileMe. I’ve even contacted them about the issue, as many have.

However, I’ve recently learned that there is a way to share the library using Dropbox – not sync it, but share it. Simply move the library itself. I had considered this option before (since it’s how I use 1Password) but there seemed to be no way to move the Snippets library.

The last item on their FAQ however, describes what we need:

  1. Copy the library from ~/Library/Application Support/Snippets/Snippets.xml to your Dropbox account. (~ = Your user folder.)
  2. Launch the application while holding the option key.
  3. Click the “Choose a library” button, and select the new xml file in your Dropbox folder.

You’re done! You can now use this same library from any of your machines with access to the same Dropbox folder.

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