FormSaver is an extension that lets you create a bookmark that remembers the exact state of a web form. Handy for form development and testing, saving common form entries, and much more.

Download and install Formsaver

Formsaver on GitHub


  1. Fill out a form.
  2. Click the FormSaver option under your Tools menu or in right-click context menu.
  3. In the options window, specify if FormSaver should remember password fields, the bookmark name, and bookmark folder in which to place your bookmark.
  4. Click Create Bookmarklet.
  5. The next time you return to the same form, find the bookmark in your bookmark folder and select it.
  6. The bookmark will fill in your form with the exact data it was saved with.


  • Saves the exact state of html form element values to a firefox bookmark. When clicked, the bookmark fills in the fields as they were saved.
  • Toggle whether or not to save password field values.
  • Toggle saving hidden field values.
  • Option to skip blank textboxes / textareas. Skips overwriting content on form fill.
  • Ignore field errors (i.e. missing fields).
  • Toggle checking that the current URL matches the url of the save form.
  • Choose where in the bookmarks tree to save the bookmark, and give it a custom name.


  • Formsaver is meant for web form testing. It was not designed to store personal information like passwords, etc. Please use carefully.
  • The most requested feature is to auto-redirect the user to the URL the form was saved at. While I’d love to add this feature, I am unaware of how to properly detect the page load completion from the scope the bookmarklet runs in. Extensions and page-level scripts have access to page load functions, but I am not sure what access the bookmarklets have. In addition, it’s difficult to separate the load complete event for the current page versus the new URL.
  • Sometimes, forms with elements that have invalid characters instead of proper names cause problems during the form fill. Formsaver is only tested against W3C-valid web forms.
  • Code contributions are welcome and usually accepted. If you submit patches that are included in the next version, you will receive due credit.
Published by Michael Botsko on 7/6/2009