What We Do

Ever since we began working with the web in the 90's we've been dedicated to utilizing technology that is appropriate for each project. We've never sacrificed content or structure for appearance and we've seen businesses grow because of such decisions.

While many projects may be similar, each is unique. Those differences require creative ideas, technology, and methodology. We pride ourselves on remaining flexible as we commonly take over projects with various levels of work already completed. We have years of experience working on solutions to a wide range of obstacles and limitations, and we've never encountered a problem we couldn't overcome.

Programming and Design Services

Whether you're adding features to an existing website or you're building a custom web-based application, we're here for technical support or to lead the entire development project. We study each project in detail so that we can recommend technology that is appropriate and that works with existing designs, structure, and code.

A small selection of common programming project include:

  • Processing online forms. Registrations, reservations, contact forms, etc.
  • Creating / installing content management applications, blogs, e-commerce systems.
  • Integrating websites with other online services (see below).
  • Designing web-based applications for internal use - financial tools, contact management, data analysis, etc.

A small selection of services or tools we're most familiar with:

  • Payment Gateway Services (Paypal, Payflow Pro, Authorize.net)
  • Content Management Systems / Blogs (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, AspenMSM)
  • APIs (Twitter, Facebook, Google services, etc)

Web Design Services

A design must be intuitive to your visitors and attractive — in that order. We've learned that the fanciest portions of a design are useless if they complicate usability. We continue to study user interaction and user experience and we put what we've learned to use in every project.

Completed designs adhere to markup validation standards, and follow all appropriate accessibility guidelines. Our designs incorporate these methods from conception, as well as standards that greatly improve search engine optimization (SEO).

If you do not yet have a design, we'll handle the entire design process. Otherwise we'll transfer your existing design from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, another format into a valid, semantic HTML/CSS template.

Technical Training

Many of our partners wish to expand their understanding of PHP and MySQL, whether they're trying to grow their development skills or they're trying to understand how these two systems work together. We offer both private training as well as non-credit community education offered through Portland Community College.